Sustaining information flow across the organization and possessing the right set of tools to collaboration is imperative in a dynamic business environment.

Visionet’s Team Pulse is a business-specific, white-labeled, communication and collaboration platform integrated with any enterprise technology landscape, enabling complete control on the flow of information. The solution consists of a mobile app and a portal designed to ensure smooth communication and collaborative efforts. You can integrate this white-labeled platform with your existing technology and systems to get complete control over the flow of information throughout your organization. Ability to integrate with existing technology, automate maintenance via LDAP, and ensure secure access through OTP. Whether it is sharing market intelligence or exchanging notes through a secure messaging platform, engaging your workforce in an empowering way means they do more and they do it better.


  • Instant Communication
    Secure Chat, group management portals, competition tracking with AI/ML, Announcements, Surveys

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  • On-the-go Reporting
    Reports as chat responses with on-demand analytics streaming and insights based recommendations

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  • Improved Employee Engagement
    Automated Employee recognition and rating, training, and capture of their feedback and suggestions

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  • Integration
    Ability to integrate with existing technology, automate maintenance via LDAP and ensure secure access through OTP

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Instant communication for improved productivity

Send multimedia files
Send a product or video launch video as a chat announcement, or brochures of new feature launches, all on the mobile.
Communication Tracking
Track communication channels to get data on who has received and opened messages. A moderator can even send reminders when important messages remain unopened.
Create automated surveys
One can automate reminders on reports that need to be sent at the end of each month and track replies as well.
Check the directory
The directory lists, names of all team members along with email, chat, and click-to-call links.
Track the competition
New launch by the competition? Just take a snap on the app – it automatically geo-tags, timestamps, and processes it via ML and sends it to the stakeholders configured in the portal.

Integration and reporting

LDAP/AD Integration
OTP-based access ensures that past data is not accessible; a list of employees who have access to the current app is maintained.
Attendance System Integration
Seeking data on the number of contract employees present on a particular day? Just send a chat message to get a reply from the system.
Analytics System Integration
Any data required (say, the previous year’s sales report) is easily accessible; just send a chat request and receive a response from the app.

Employee and customer engagement

Employee recognition
Recognitions go a long way in boosting morale. The system automatically identifies teams and employees that are performing well and ‘stars’ them.
Training needs
Send out training calendars as a survey and elicit responses.
Employee suggestions
Employees can initiate suggestions on the app. These first go to the HR/moderator and can be shared with relevant groups post approval.
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