Effective territory planning and optimization is critical for a business. Almost every organization that uses field crews for sales, services or deliveries has a need for organizing field staff into territories or regions.

Well-defined territories increase efficiency, response time, and customer satisfaction while cutting costs. Our Sales Territory Planning Solution uses data-driven territory design approach. Its comprehensive territory design solution combines planning, optimization, and management with field-level sales execution.

Key Features

Data Driven Territory Planning
Use of data and analytics for planning, optimization, and management with field-level sales.
Visual Mapping of Sales Areas
Clear demarcation of the sales territories based on the business and team requirements.
Intelligent Reporting and Management Dashboards
Wide variety of data is stored and analyzed to create reports with actionable insights.

Product Snapshots

Territory Reports
Year on Year Comparisons


Planned and Optimized Territory Division
Improved Field Force Effectiveness
Increased Sales
Better Coordination with Across Sales
Enhanced Governance and Control
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