Businesses need technology that provides insight into supply chain activity down to the SKU level.

This technology creates control and predictability, thereby reducing risk and the need for high-cost inventory stocking while building stronger relationships with suppliers. Our Field Stock Liquidation Solution captures stock data from field and reconcile with the back-end ERP system. This enables visibility of SKU wise stocks available at key distribution points and it helps improve product placement through off-take tracking.

Key Features

SKU Level Monitoring
Monitor your inventory down to the SKU levels for better planning and control
Transparency and Control
Better transparency and control over the inventories. This results in accurate and predictable sales data and demand planning.
Comprehensive Reporting
Management access to data rich Liquidation Report, Channel Inventory Report, Adoption Report etc.

Product Snapshots


Improved Stock Transparency Down to the SKU Level
Lower Pilferage with higher traceability of stock
Enhanced Stocking and Forecasting Accuracy
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