Digital Mirror is Visionet’s Augmented Reality (AR) Solution that delivers complete Digital Retail Experience on Tablets and Kiosks that can be placed at Retail Outlets, Malls and other high footfall areas.

Our Digital Mirror solution suite is a powerful combination of Augmented Reality, beacons, analytics and mobility fully integrated with the backend ERP designed to delight customers with an immersive and seamless product experience.

Key Features

Unified Inventory Catalogue
Store Inventory can no longer restrict the users from experiencing the product.
ML and AI based Intelli Suggest
The product suggestions are based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Try and Buy
Consumers can experience and buy the product right from the Kiosk
Intuitive Search Engine
Intuitive and easy to navigate product catalogue.
Customer Relationship Management
Enhance the data on your customer with backend ERP integration
Social Sharing
Assists consumers to share the images enabling socially connected decision making.

Product Snapshots


Enhanced Customer Experience
Improved Footfalls in Stores
Optimization of Physical Stock Inventory in Stores
Multiple Personalization Options
ERP Integration Ensures Sync with Latest Product Releases
Seamless Buying Experience Encompassing Physical and Digital Channels
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